Monday, 28 July 2014

Whimsical Houses

My DT project for Calico Crafts this week is a typically 'Trish' messy painty creation! I've used Calico Craft Parts as the roof of some whimsical houses...
Please hop on over to see the whole thing, with lots more pictures! The post is now live HERE on the Calico Crafts Blog...
Have a good week!
Trish xxxx

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Time To Grow

My turn over on the WOW embossing powder blog today, and I've made a journal page with an embossed circle flower!
Loads of painty mess too, as usual!
There are more pics over on the WOW blog HERE, should you fancy a quick look!
Have a great day,
Trish xxxxx

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sticker backgrounds!

My DT project for A Sprinkle Of Imagination this week is all about using up old stash, and creating something new! I've used stickers as a base for a colourful background...
The whole thing, plus a pictorial step by step, is now live over on the ASOI creative team blog HERE!
Have a great weekend!
 Trish xx

Thursday, 10 July 2014


A quick post and run from me today... The School Fair is almost here, and today will be spend running around like a mad thing collecting a good few hundred hot dog rolls and!
So...a little sneak peak of my DT project for A Sprinkle Of Imagination this week....
Colourful, messy, painty, lots of stamping...pretty much business as usual from me! It's now live over at the ASOI blog HERE...
Trish xxxxx

Saturday, 5 July 2014

More Monoprinting....!!

I decided to go with a red white and blue colour scheme for my A Sprinkle Of Imagination DT piece this week! Well, it was the Fourth of July yesterday!
Here is a little peek..
The whole thing is now live over at the ASOI blog!
Have a lovely weekend..... Le Tour in England, a Grand Prix in England, and the Wimbledon Finals...GREAT weekend for sport!!!
Trish xxx

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Butterfly Box!

I have a tutorial over on the Calico Crafts blog today, I'll show you exactly how to colour and adhere these dreamy butterflies to the trinket box!
Lots of tissue, paint and the fabulous Mod Podge! please hop on over HERE and let me know what you think!
Love Trish xxxx

Monday, 30 June 2014

Creative Blog Hop!

Last week, I was tagged by the wonderful Gez (of Dragonfly Dreams) in a Creative Blog Hop!

The idea of the blog hop is to share a little of our creative process with you all, and then tag others that inspire!
So without further ado, I'll get on and answer the questions....

1) What am I working on?

Well, trying to control the ever growing stash in my studio is something I'm ALWAYS working on, but if we're talking about something creative, then it has to be drawing. I have literally thousands of rubber stamps,
I'll share a pic of my wood mounted stamp wall....
The pink folders are full of unmounted stamps, and the baskets balanced on top hold my clears. So yes, thousands..... So, I rely on other peoples drawing skills to add to my work by using all these stamps, and I think it's about time I created images of my own! I'm practising with faces at the moment....and they're getting there. Not to the point where I'm happy sharing though!!! Watch this space!

2) How does my work differ from others in my genre?

This is really tricky! I'm not sure how many people really share my genre, people tell me they can spot my stuff a mile I think it's pretty unique? And not always in a good way lol! I also switch genres lots, whilst usually quirky colourful and downright odd is the order of the day, I can go all vintage or minimalistic if the mood takes me. Which hasn't really answered the question. Oops.... next!......

3) Why do I create/write what I do?

Ok. This answer is going to make me sound very odd. Just so you know....
Why? I have to. If I don't make something/ get painty messy every day, then I don't feel right. Sort of twitchy and not happy within my own skin. When I've made something I love, I take a step back, look at it and feel a deep sense of relaxation, a feeling that just then, everything is right with my world. See, told you..... :)

4) How does your writing/creative process work?

Generally, one of two ways. If its a DT piece, a commission or a magazine project then I know the theme/colours etc in advance. I hate going into my studio and just sitting waiting for inspiration to strike, so I let my brain mull over ideas whilst doing all the other boring household jobs. Just before I go to sleep is a brilliant time for coming up with weird and wonderful projects! That way, once I get in the studio I know where I'm headed. Of course, half the time things don't end up exactly the way I imagined them, but I always have a starting point to get me going straight away! If its just a play session with no project requirements at the end, then its actually not much different. I'll always have a focus at the begining, whether its a colour combo that has inspired me, or a new stash item to play with. From there the process is pretty fluid, but there always has to be a starting focus!


I am tagging two people today, please hop on over and visit their blogs to see all the fabulousness on offer! Next week, they will be answering the questions and tagging more people, so bookmark them and pop back!

First up is the very talented Katy Leitch.....

Katy was the editor of the marvellous Craft Stamper magazine for years and years, until just recently. Now she has more time on her hands, her creative output has simply mushroomed, and my goodness what a lot of fabulous art is being produced! The blog awards and challenge wins have been pouring in, clearly lots of people think her art is as wonderful as I do!
Katys blog is:

I am also tagging the wonderfully creative Louise Crosbie, otherwise known as Zuzu!

If its rich, deep texture and paint effects you're after, then Z is your girl! Her altered boxes, frames and panels are simply out of this world, and her attention to detail is just stunning! Louise is a member of the Decoart International Design Team, and can use their products in ways you would not believe.... go and look!
Louises blog is:

I hope you'll take the time to visit my very inspiring friends, you won't be sorry!!!
I'll be back soon with more weird and colourful creations of my own!
Trish xxxxxx

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Bloom- for WOW!

My day on the WOW embossing powder blog has come around again...and this month the theme is 'Gardens'. I have created a red pansy, nestling into a niche!
Loads more pics over on the WOW blog now, please hop on over and let me know what you think!
Trish xxxxx

Monday, 16 June 2014

Buttons and doodles..

I have a simple monochrome project to share with you this morning over on the Calico Crafts blog.... buttons and doodles!
To see the whole thing, please hop on over here to have a look!
Have a great week everyone!
Trish xxx

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Painty playtime!

I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but I managed to squeeze in some 'purely for me' painty playtime this morning! Loads of mess, I did a little monoprinting on an acrylic block, which is guaranteed to get paint all over the place. Love it! I made this...
Monoprinting is so easy, just grab a large acrylic block, squish paint on top then press down your cardstock. Pull off the prints, then keep pressing and lifting until you get something you love!
Once the actual paint was dry, I went in with some stamping...
Circles, dots, tiny honeycombs and grids....
I also printed circles and lines with various bits of junk!
Washi tape and stitching....
Tiny splats from melted UTEE, and larger flicked paint splats as well!
My image is a Zettiology lady... sometimes they just need a red circle around their heads....
A line cut from a (very dodgy) historical novel to finish...
(did you know that there is a good reason why some historical novels are nicknamed 'bodice rippers'??? Blimey, I blushed reading through the pages...rather rude!!!)
Hope you like it..... I had fun!
I want to enter this into the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge, quite handily, the theme this week is paint!
See you soon,
Trish xxxxxxxx